WiFi without deadzones

Fiber 300 plans and above come with Pro WiFi for WiFi that's twice as fast as our basic router. Pro WiFi also available as an add-on for lower plans.

cylindrical wifi access point

Our best WiFi yet

The latest WiFi 6 technology for our fastest, longest range WiFi.

Stream effortlessly on multiple devices in 4K resolution for the best picture quality.

Expand your network with additional WiFi nodes

Extend your WiFi coverage by purchasing or renting additional WiFi nodes. These nodes expand coverage by either wirelessly repeating the signal, or by having each node wired into the main router. Wirelessly meshed nodes will cause speeds off the meshed node to be cut in half, so we always recommend hard wiring additional nodes to the main router for the best performance.

Installation of additional WiFi nodes may have an additional labour fee in order to cover the cost of running the wire to the node. Nodes are able to be mounted to the ceiling, or placed on a flat surface like a desk. This labour fee is in addition to the hardware cost.

Sleek WiFi node design

WiFi nodes can be mounted to the ceiling (similar to a smoke detector), or placed on a flat surface, ideally in the center of your home to give the best coverage.

Ceiling node:

cylindrical wifi access point

Desktop node:

cylindrical wifi access point