Get the fiber advantage

Low pings and the fastest downloads to get you back in the game as fast as possible.

woman playing a video game on a computer

How long does it take to download a 100GB game?

comparison of time to download a 100GB game. Internet 50: 4.5 hours, Fiber 300: 45 minutes, Fiber Gig: 15 minutes

Optimized for lag free multiplayer

Say goodbye to ping spikes with our optimized network. Our network automatically prioritizes real-time traffic like online multiplayer to make sure you never lag out when someone starts a download, or video stream.

This problem is known as bufferbloat, or loaded latency. Learn more on our network page.

Latency measurements

Here's how we stack up on latency for our connections, with cities far away having higher latency.

Location Latency
Calgary 13ms
Seattle 33ms
Chicago 44ms
Toronto 50ms
Los Angeles 52ms
New York City 66ms
Miami 71ms
Tokyo 109ms
London 127ms
Amsterdam 134ms
Singapore 175ms
Sydney 205ms
As measured to Vultr servers hosted in each city