Privacy Policy

Shadow Internet takes your privacy very seriously. We only collect information required in order to operate the service.

Updated 2019-08-15

Information we collect about our customers

The name, address, and email address of subscribed customers. We use this information to:

  • Send bills to customers
  • Send information on updates to the service
  • Know the location of the service for installation/technical support

We may optionally take the clients phone number in order to help verify support requests that are called in.

We may take photos of the installation of our equipment on customers property (customers can opt out if they choose):

  • Provides proof of installation, and what equipment was installed
  • Helps with troubleshooting without having to send a crew out

The public IP address of our customer's router to:

  • Forward piracy notices to the customer. For more information on piracy notices, please check the customer 'Internet Services Agreement'

We never associate traffic on our network with a specific customer. We may however view anonymized traffic reports to identifiy bottlenecks in our network to improve the service.

Website privacy

We may record the IP address of visitors to our site in order to:

  • Prevent abuse of our site (blocking malicious users)
  • Collect information about the number of visitors our site gets

Our self-serve customer portal (where customer can pay their bill online) uses cookies to remember your login details. These cookies are a necesary function, and are only used for sign in.

We do not use any third party tracking scripts.

Information sharing

We do not share customer data with third parties other than those listed below:

  • Stripe - securely processes credit card payments on our behalf.
  • DigitalOcean - cloud server hosting company that hosts our websites.
  • Cloudflare - provides web hosting, and firewall services for our websites.
  • Google - to host our email addresses.

Privacy contact

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or how your information is used, contact our privacy officer:

Mackenzie Hauck