Our network

Shadow Internet is known as a Last Mile Provider, providing a connection from the backbone internet networks to individual homes and businesses. We connect customer's to the backbone networks with two different technologies: fiber optics, and fixed wireless.

Fiber network

Fiber is the fastest internet technology available, delivering internet with lasers sending information along cables with glass cores. For customer's on our fiber network, we bring the fiber cable right to your home or business to future proof our network for advancements in fiber technology. Since the cables transmit light, we only need to upgrade the electronics on each end to increase capacity and speed.

Fixed wireless network

Shadow Internet also operates 6 towers in Provost to provide wireless internet to customer's that aren't yet in our fiber service area. Download speeds up to 50 Mbps and unlimited data are available on our wireless network.

Optimized for snappy performance

Our network is optimized with a technology called Smart Queue Management (SQM) that prioritizes internet traffic based on it's importance. We use a specific form called fq_codel which stands for Fair Queuing Controlled Delay. This algorithm prioritizes small, real-time interactive traffic flows over large bulk downloads like on demand video, or software updates. This means you can expect your online multiplayer games, VOIP calls, and video calls to work more seamlessly and consistently with fewer drop outs and ping spikes.