100% fibre optic internet in Provost Alberta

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The best WiFi for the best internet technology

Get the fastest and most reliable internet available on our 100% fibre optic network.

Blanket your home or business with our managed WiFi included in all fibre plans. We handle the security updates and recommend devices for the best coverage and speed.

Not in our fibre coverage area? We have wireless internet available in some areas of Provost.

Optimized for frustration free internet

Tired of your video calls stuttering when others are on the WiFi, or lagging in your online games?

Our network uses bandwidth shapers that prioritize real-time traffic like video calls and online games over bulk traffic like software updates, or on demand video. Translation: Your connection always feels snappy, no matter who's on the WiFi.


The most reliable internet technology

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Stutter-free video calls

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Ultra fast game downloads and low latency

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30x faster upload speeds compared to DSL2

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Internet 50

  • Wireless or fibre optic
  • 50 Mbps download 3
  • 10 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited data
  • Basic WiFi router
  • Stream in 4K on 1-2 devices
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Fibre 300

  • 100% fibre optic
  • 300 Mbps download 3
  • 300 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited data
  • Pro WiFi 6 router
  • Stream in 4K on 10 devices
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Fibre Gig

  • 100% fibre optic
  • 920 Mbps download 3
  • 920 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited data
  • Pro WiFi 6 router
  • Stream in 4K on 10+ devices
  • Ultra fast game downloads
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Prices excluding GST

$150 installation fee applies to wireless installs and $250 for fibre installs. See promotions below for available discounts. Installation fee may be higher for non-standard installations and will be communicated before work begins if required.

30 day money back guarantee

Move your service to another address at no cost

Pricing FAQs (click to expand)

What is the difference between Wireless and Fibre?

Wireless uses an antenna installed on your roof to talk to one of our towers and fibre uses optical cables trenched to your home. Fibre is typically much faster, with greater speeds, higher reliability, and less lag. If you're in our fibre service area, we highly recommend the Fibre 300 or above plans to get the best experience.

What is the difference between internet and WiFi?

The internet speed on your plan is the speed that is delivered to your routers WAN port. The router then broadcasts this as WiFi that your phone and other devices can connect to. You can also connect to the internet using the wired LAN ports on the router. Wired connections provide the highest reliability and speeds, so we recommend wiring in as many devices as possible for the best experience.

How do I improve my WiFi coverage?

WiFi mesh nodes can be purchased (see pricing below) and used as part of our Pro WiFi system. Ask your installer for tips on better WiFi range and speed.

What's the benefit of faster speeds?

Large file transfers like cloud storage, cloud backups, downloading shows, and video game downloads all go much faster.

Is your internet fast enough for streaming Netflix, Disney Plus, SNNow, and Crave?

All of our plans are able to play content from those providers at maximum quality!

More questions?

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Promotions and add ons

Book online → $50 off installation fee. To book online, select a plan and fill out the form

Credit card autopay → $100 off installation fee

Summer fibre discount → $100 off installation fee when your fibre is installed during Spring or Summer

Refer a friend → $100 credit to your account

Other add ons

  • WiFi mesh nodes: $250 each, or rent a node for $12/m
  • Static IP address (delivered by 1:1 NAT): $5/month/IP
  • /30 Public IP address: $30/month
  • Managed business wifi: $15/month + cost of equipment
Looking for enterprise pricing, tower rental space, IP transport to Supernet, or dark fibre? Contact us for a quote!

1: Free installation when you sign up with credit card autopay online, during Spring or Summer. Promotions for more information.

2: 30x faster uploads when our Fibre Gig plan is compared to the fastest DSL upload speeds available in Provost at 30 Mbps.

3: Download speeds may vary due to network load, WiFi signal strength, wireless interference, and other user's usage of your connection in your home. Internet speeds will only be verified to devices that are wired directly to the provided WiFi router.