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Billing Support

Do you charge for site surveys?

We don't charge for site surveys. The surveys are done to make sure you can get a good signal from one of our access points.

To schedule a site survey, select a plan and fill out the form, or contact us.

Why is my bill higher than the plan advertised?

Our advertised plans come with a basic Wi-Fi router. If you opted for a more advanced router then you may see a higher monthly charge. If there are any price drops, they will be applied to all existing customers automatically.

If you wish to switch back to the basic router, contact us.

Do you offer any promotional pricing?

We may offer the following kinds of promotions (subject to change at any time):

  • Reduced installation fee
  • Lowered monthly rate if your home/business is setup as a repeater in our network

In general, we like to keep things simple and fair, so we very rarely offer discounts on the monthly rate.


I'm not getting the advertised speeds

This could be a lot of things. Here are some common causes:

  • You have a poor Wi-Fi connection. Try wiring directly to the router and running a speed test again
  • There is an obstruction between the antenna on your roof and our access point. Visually inspect that the path is clear (including snow!)
  • Our network is overloaded. We are constantly monitoring our network to make sure this doesn't happen. You can view the status of our network.

Try restarting your router to see if that helps. If you are still seeing bad speeds, contact us


Your website isn't working properly on my device

Sorry about that! You can try using a modern browser such as Chrome, or FireFox

Still need help?

You can reach us via email: or at 780-753-0234

If you are a business customer with priority 24/7 support, you can reach us by calling the number on the equipment installed in your business.